Spider veins are a series of small vessels that twist and turn and are easily visible through the skin.  They are common in areas such as the legs and face, and are frequently associated with symptoms such as discomfort and cramping, burning, heaviness, skin irritation, as well as concerns over their cosmetic appearance.  Fortunately in most cases they are easily amenable to treatment with a straight forward, minimally invasive procedure.

People suffering with spider veins that are symptomatic, or causing a degree of cosmetic concern, may benefit from non-surgical intervention to treat their veins.  Although there are a few treatment options available, at North Wales Veins we advocate the use of injection sclerotherapy, which is proven to be more effective and long lasting compared to many other alternative treatment options available.

With injection sclerotherapy, a small needle is introduced into the veins of the affected area, and a solution injected which closes the veins off from the inside.  The injected veins will usually disappear over the course of a couple of days.

Injection sclerotherapy for spider veins is a day case procedure, so you will normally be home the same day.  The risks associated with the procedure are very small, but the full risks and benefits will be discussed with you prior to any intervention.

With injection sclerotherapy, there is always the risk that the veins may require multiple injections, or that they may recur in the future.

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